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New Zealand

Aitken Innovations & Be The Change Delta NZ

Kim Aitken, Aitken Innovations founder, is currently based in New Zealand. As an Edmund Hillary Fellow Kim received a Global Impact Visa in 2020, allowing her to continue to make impact Globally, from her NZ home in the gorgeous Bay of Plenty. 

Kim and her New Zealand team, operating as Be The Change (Delta), are integrating Truss Houses into the NZ ecosystem. 

Watch this space!

Evolving Innovations Canada

Evolving Innovations is a partnership approach to building capacity and leveraging building technologies to improve the state of Indigenous housing in Canada. 

Evolving Innovations is Canada's licensed distributor and trainer for the Aitken Frame Certified Builder of the patented Aitken Frame Technology as seen on Dragon's Den. Affordable and sustainable homes and work environments are well within reach with Evolving Innovation's various concepts incorporating the Aitken Frame with a combination of synergistic technologies to build the safer, healthier and better structures.

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