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The Aitken Frame 'Truss House' System 

The Global housing crisis, fuelled by housing insecurity and a lack of attainable construction solutions is gravely impacting the livability of communities, the growth of economies, and the health and well‐being of citizens. Adequate, efficient, and sustainable housing for entry to middle-market buyers does not exist. Market demands far exceeds capacity and a readily available, sustainable method of construction, applicable to residential and low-density commercial markets, has the potential to transform the lives of citizens and ensure the long-term economic viability of communities.


Our purpose is to incite a global revolution in sustainable construction by empowering local communities to realize their potential as self-sustaining and vital economies.

Aitken Innovations® is leading an industry revolution with our Aitken Frame Truss House™ System. We've taken an established, universally accepted construction methodology and realized its potential. Our patented systems empower truss fabricators to become complete building producers, providing fully engineered, high-strength, low-cost, advanced frame buildings for and within their local communities. The traditional process, where fabricators sell through their local building supplier/supply stores, remains unaltered. Without modifying their existing software, supply chain or distribution channels, fabricators of the Truss House™ system can enable local merchants to significantly expand their market presence by providing our advanced frame building system to their existing network of Architects, Builders, Clients, Designers, Engineers and Government. Sale and distribution through local merchants ensure local accessibility and attainability.


We're committed to educating networks of Architects, Builders, Clients, Designers, Engineers, Fabricators & Governments on how adopting the Truss House™ System during the design stage can open unlimited possibilities and increase build speed, quality, sustainability, availability and affordability. Moreover, how our innovation-driven system is easily integrated into existing processes and economies to improve their local community's livability, growth and sustainability and eradicate housing insecurity.

  On a global scale, Aitken Innovations® patented systems:

  • Empowers construction professionals and suppliers to utilize their knowledge skills thoroughly, and creativity to the fullest, to do their best work and push the limits of what's possible;

  • Increases the market share for established fabricators and dramatically increases their range of product offerings

  • Is ideal for the development of low-density, sustainable and efficient housing, classrooms, offices or studios, etc.;

  • Enables governments to reduce the vulnerability of their communities and create achievable housing policies;

  • Enables homeowners the access to high-quality, high-efficiency homes that fit their lifestyle at an attainable, fixed price without compromise;

  • Increases the economic development opportunities of communities focused on the growth and sustainability of local economies and the health and well‐being of citizens


Aitken Innovations educates Architects, Builders, Clients, Designers, Engineers Fabricators and Governments on the Aitken Frame Homes Patented System.

  • A new building methodology allowing for lower cost high efficiency housing

  • All house systems built at local truss manufacturing facility

  • Engineered homes are built under license removing a significant portion of liability from designers and manufacturers

  • Hybrid system merging the advantages of prefabricated construction with those of on-site construction


Our design professionals completes designs to AFH specifications using specific design parameters provided OR stock plans as designed by our team.

Design to be submitted to Aitken Innovations for license number, number and specific design parameters to be submitted to nominated truss manufacturing facility. Aitken Innovations will review truss manufacturing plans prior to construction, removing risk of full house package mis-manufacture.

Approved Builders:

ABCDE's connect with or become Aitken Frame Homes Approved Builders. Builders to be engaged via a tender process with emphasis on Timeline and Fixed Price Budget..

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