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Aitken Innovations (AI):

Aitken Innovations is the smart arm of Aitken Frame Homes (AFH), licensing the use of the AFH build technology to enterprising Architects, Builders, Clients, Designers and Engineers around the Globe.

Our proprietary system is covered under a 153 country PCT patent filing. Most of the world's countries are party to the PCT, including all of the major industrialized countries.

Aitken Innovations mission is to enable communities Worldwide to build their own locally sourced high efficiency housing.

Aitken Frame Homes (AFH):

Designed by Kim Aitken, a structural design engineer. AFH has designed the world’s first hybrid building system that combines the benefits of prefabrication and the flexibility of onsite construction with structures that are consistently 20% stronger, 20-30% more energy efficient, and 20% less costly than traditional house builds.

The unrivaled and simplistic approach to the AFH design has created a buzz in the construction industry, taking a typical build process and exponentially improving its efficiency. AFH structures have flexible spatial configurations and work for a multitude of end-user requirements including; individuals who are landowners and want to build a family home, organizations with housing needs ie. schools and camps, government satisfying housing needs, not-for-profit organizations, and builders who own land and want to build on a larger scale.

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